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Updated: Feb 8

While in Holiday Please make sour you don't miss out any of our top ten internments Please take time and view you tube voids bellow to give you of how we handle most of out Tour in Africa. Eastern Africa Holiday Destination

KenyaUganda TanzaniaEthiopiaMalawi Zanzibar

​Central Africa Holiday Destination

Burundi ​Equatorial Guinea RwandaGabon​​

​Western African Holiday Destination

​​Ghana ​Cameroon ​GambiaSenegalNigeria ​Ivory Coast ​Mauritius

​Southern Africa Holiday destination

​Botswana ​Namibia ​Mozambique South Africa Zambia ​Zimbabwe Seychelles ​Madagascar

History & culture Safari's Game Drive Hotels and Leisure Hotel Rooms Hotel & Business, Don't keep a good thing to yourself. We grow our business through referrals, so please don't keep us to yourself. If you think we're doing a good job and know of someone who would benefit from our services, please pass on their name and number to us and we promise to follow it up.

Dont pay Commission come direct to us in Africa we value your Holiday and we are passion to save you, Choose any of our group Holiday plans and we will put it together for you, the more you are the better, joining an organised tour is strongly advised Victoria Falls is defined by plunging, roaring water falling beneath a mystical veil of spray. The falls' The Pyramids of Giza represent one of man's greatest architectural feats. Built more than 5,000 years ago.

Limelight Group is an inspiring holiday choice for Africa. With our new formed crew membership within the United Kingdom alone, we have signed two million customers that are willing to be

part of Africa Holiday Marking. We help you harness the power of our brands, our extensive travel experience and show our strength as a Media Campaigner, As well as a service provider in the Tourism Industry. The scale of our audience helps to develop and deliver highly effective marketing, which is essential. In order to travel safely and to enhance your understanding of local culture, joining an organised tour is strongly advised Victoria Falls is defined by plunging, roaring water falling beneath a mystical veil of spray.

Welcome to A World of Adventures, It's your Holiday Discover Africa

Festival of Limelight Holiday

Safari Destinations to choose From and duration Period from 10 days Minimum at list When it comes to destination travel, Africa has 10,000s at one Roof under Limelight Safari, Gateway to Africa Holiday.

Those in search of true African wilderness should consider a white-water rafting trip on Ethiopia's Omo River. Barely accessible by vehicle, the Omo River Region is largely cut off from the outside world. Because of this, the tribes that live there have retained their traditional customs and way of life, and as such a visit to this remote destination offers a fascinating insight into indigenous culture.

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